Services Available For REIT & Real Estate Program Sponsors

Formation Stage Services

  •    New Product Design, Competitive Positioning
  •    Product Structuring and Rankings, Analysis of Competitor Fee Structures
  •    Independent Review of Investment Performance
  •    Public & Private Program Due Diligence Reviews
  •    Identifying “Best-In-Class” Third-Party Service Providers
  •    Marketing and Sales Training
  •    Quarterly “Market Intelligence & Competition” Reports

 Operational Stage Services

  •    Acquisition Due Diligence
  •    Appraisals
  •    Studies of Fee Structures and G&A Among Comparable Programs
  •    Customized Competition “Intelligence” Reports
  •    Annual Advisor/Manager Fee Negotiations With Boards of Directors
  •    Valuations of Shares for Annual Reporting
  •    Strategic Advisory Services
  •    Formation of Institutional Joint Ventures
  •    Portfolio Acquisitions, Sales and Financings

 Liquidation/Exist Stage Services

  •    Financial Advisory Services for Boards of Directors
  •    Evaluation of Strategic Alternatives
  •    Valuations of Advisory/Management Companies
  •    Mergers and Consolidations
  •    Advisor on REIT Management Internalization Transactions

 Other Services

  •    Fairness Opinions
  •    Litigation Support & Expert Witness Testimony
  •    FAS 141 Opinions