Kevin T. Gannon
President/Managing Director
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Mark F. Stierman
Managing Director
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Financial Advisory

Stanger assists real estate operating companies and ownership entities in the evaluation and execution of alternative business strategies, including:

Consolidation – Stanger assists managed entities and/or management businesses to combine and improve access to equity and debt capital, create operating efficiencies, capitalize associated management businesses, and create a platform for future growth, including private capital investment or access to public equity markets. Stanger’s consolidation assignments have included: formation transactions for traded REIT IPOs; consolidations and recapitalizations of private entities; consolidations of tenant-in-common interests; and mergers of private entities into existing public entities.

Capital Formation & Financing – Stanger assists in raising equity and debt capital for real estate companies seeking capital to expand their businesses and portfolio holdings. Such funds may be used for property acquisitions or development, acquisition of limited partners or joint venture interests, and preparation of a management company as an IPO platform.

Bulk Asset Sales/Mergers – Stanger assists in the evaluation of strategies wherein real estate assets and management businesses are simultaneously sold or merged into existing private or public real estate companies.  Stanger assists in the structuring of such transactions on a tax deferred basis, where appropriate, and provides financial advisory services regarding negotiation of the terms of asset/business contribution agreements. Stanger also assists entities in the sale of real estate portfolios to REITs and institutional investors. Such assignments typically include a “ground up” property level review (property inspections/historical performance review), preparation of pro forma projections, preparation of offering materials, bid solicitation from potential acquirers, bid review, negotiation, and assistance in the preparation of final contracts.

Real Estate Advisory and Management Company Restructuring/Sales – Stanger has also been actively involved in the sale, merger, internalization, and restructuring of real estate advisory and management companies and general partner interests. Stanger is a leading provider of financial advisory services in consolidation transactions involving the merger of REITs or real estate assets with advisory and management businesses. Restructuring transactions may also involve the provision of capital for the purpose of consolidating real estate assets with the advisory/management company. 

Fairness Opinions – Stanger will conduct independent analyses and render fairness opinions to assist real estate companies in their fiduciary obligations to investors. Such opinions are typically rendered in the context of asset sales, consolidations of real estate entities, mergers, and a variety of transactions involving general partner and management company businesses.