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Managing Director
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About Stanger

Founded in 1978, Robert A. Stanger’s nationally recognized real estate investment banking business was built on three basic foundations – a keen understanding of the fundamentals of real estate, sophisticated knowledge of the public real estate securities markets, and an experienced, creative professional staff dedicated to providing the highest level of client service.  The result is that Robert A. Stanger & Co., Inc. is a leading advisor in the securitized real estate market.

Stanger has been directly involved in numerous regulatory and industry undertakings concerning real estate entities and mergers. Principals of the firm have served in such capacities as founder and Trustee of the Investment Program Association, Member of the Financial Analysts Federation, Member of the Direct Participation Program/Real Estate Committee of the NASD, Member of the NASD Partnership Valuation Subcommittee, Member of the NASD Regulatory Initiatives Subcommittee, and Member of the NASD “Roll-Up” Subcommittee, which had responsibility for the development of regulatory standards regarding partnership consolidations.

Our business comes almost entirely from long-standing client relationships and referrals.  This fact is the best testament to our creativity, effectiveness and commitment to achieving client goals.